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Article: Prevent Hair Fall Due to Sweating

Plantas - Organic Hair Fall

Prevent Hair Fall Due to Sweating

Although sweating is a natural biological phenomenon that helps keep your body cool,

excessive sweating can be problematic for so many reasons. Sweat, which is a

combination of water and natural salts, is not great for your hair. According to doctors,

excessive perspiration can damage your hair health, lead to excessive hair fall and even

change your hair’s texture.

When you sweat a lot, the sweat builds up on your scalp and clogs the hair follicles. As

a result, it creates an unpleasant environment for hair growth, which ultimately leads to

hair loss. So what can one do to stay away from these problems? Well here are a

couple of tips to keep in mind:

Wash your hair often

Opt to wash your hair more than often especially if the weather is hot and humid and

you are more prone to excessive sweating. This will aid in removing the dirt and extra

sebum production that can mix with the sweat and cause hair loss.

Say hello to scrubbing your scalp

Scrub your scalp gently in small circles. You can use your fingertips to loosen any dirt,

skin flakes, residue, and natural oils. After you scrub, rinse off with lukewarm water until


Bid goodbye to fatty foods

Reduce the consumption of fatty foods in your diet. It aids you both in weight reduction

and controlling excessive sweating that ultimately leads to hair fall.

Hello DIY!

You can use a hair mask by mixing three tablespoons of lemon juice and coconut oil

each to combat excessive hair sweat. Leave it on your hair for 15 minutes. Wash it off

with a mild shampoo. This won’t just remove sweat from your hair, but also restore hair


Scalp hygiene is essential

Maintain your scalp’s hygiene with a natural remedy. Add 2-3 ml of lavender essential

oil or two tablespoons of rose water to the water you use for cleaning your scalp. Take a

head bath with cold water after this. Do this at least thrice a week for visible results.

In short, the key to prevent excessive sweating on your head is to cleanse it frequently,

in order to remove dirt build-up and accumulated oil and eating a healthy diet. Do that

and you’ll bid farewell to your hair fall issues in no time!

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